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Mouldings Factory Direct brings you Premium Quality, #1 classic interior mouldings in pre-primed MDF (medium density fibreboard) and wood products direct from the factory to you.

Wholesale Moulding (Molding) Products:

  • Baseboard; Casing
  • Crown; Cove
  • Panel Mould; Chair Rail
  • Header; Top Cap
  • Quarter Round
  • Carpet Strip
  • Door Stop; Curves
  • Specialty Mouldings

High Quality - Low Prices

Our moulding products are available for immediate shipping to your door at great savings. They are premium quality trim products and because we do not use any middlemen we can pass those savings on to you. These are not seconds, damaged or inferior products.

Architects, Builders, Contractors...

Architects, interior designers, home builders, contractors and large volume buyers will appreciate the many styles of classic mouldings available to greatly enhance your building projects. Turn plain trimmed doors, windows, walls and ceilings into showcase pieces to dramatically change the look and value of your home, office or commercial space.

Colonial, Victorian, Classic, fluted and beaded are just some of the styles offered. Browse our catalogue and make your choice. Don't see what you want? CONTACT US and we'll quote your special profile.

Everyday Savings - Large Volume Savings - Special Promotions

Because we offer you direct shipments from our factory we are able to pass on to you tremendous savings on our everyday stock prices. We also have SPECIAL PROMOTIONS on our over-stocked and clearance items. Check with us before you order as we have special pricing for larger volume orders as well.

Selection & Secure Shipping to U.S. or Canada

We use high volume, high speed equipment at our factory to maintain our hugh selection of INTERIOR MOULDING PROFILES so you can be confident that your order reaches you on time. Our product is packaged for bulk delivery to protect it from damage or pilferage and if you have a preferred carrier we will arrange for pick up and delivery to your site anywhere in the United States or Canada or worldwide.

Why Mouldings Factory

We have OVER 17 YEARS of serving the building industry, from single dwelling units to apartment buildings, condominium complexes and institutional facilities. We can help you to select the right product to match the style you are looking to achieve. If you need advice on combining different mouldings for special effects, we'll be glad to help you.

Thank-You for Your Interest!

Our site will provide you with the various profiles we offer in baseboards, casings, crowns, panel moulds, chair rails, bullnose, rosettes, baseblocks, headers, top caps, window sill and keys. Each profile is described with thicknesses, widths and lengths available. Line drawings illustrate the profile, sizes and the model numbers.

Queries or requests can be forwarded to us via return email on our contact form.



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